Verification of the Stigmata
Faculty and Staff Evaluation

Resources to help develop our observation, supervision, and evaluation of teachers.

Slides: Supervision and Evaluation

Research on Teaching Supervision and Evaluation from Ed Admin class

Richard DuFour & Robert Marzano, High-Leverage Strategies for Principal Leadership
Will need to be mindful of forms for evaluation; What teachers should really do in the classroom, what they actually do, and bringing the two together

Kim Marshall, It’s Time to Rethink Teacher Supervision and Evaluation
How to move from the Conventional to Proposed models of teacher supervision/evaluation. More holistic approach...

Steve Permuth & Robert Egley, Letting Teachers Go – Legally
Overivew of causes for firing and non contract renewal

Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, Supervision, Evaluation, and Contract Renewal\
How to do documentation

Pamela Tucker, Helping Struggling Teachers
Advice for Administrators on how to implement plans to help struggling teachers
Helping Struggling Teachers.pdf

Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, Supervising and Evaluating Teachers
Practical methods and tips on teacher observation and evaluation

Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, The Catholic Church and Termination of Employment
How to do it in a "Catholic" way that respects the person and is charitable

Barbara Howard, Evaluating Experienced Teachers
We've got more than a few of these at SFHS...
Evaluating Experienced Teachers.pdf