Francis reflects on the mystery of God
Journal Reflections

In-class journal reflections and related articles to further grow as a school leader

Journal Reflections (up to July 14, 2010)

Joanne Rooney, Principals Who care
This is what school leadership is all about.

Richard Shields, Nurturing Spirituality and Vocation: A Catholic Approach to New Teacher Introduction
Use p. 169 in spiritual development, also helps explain why retreats are important in teacher faith formation

Pamela Bolotin Joseph & Sara Efron, Seven Worlds of Moral Education
This is what we do in Catholic Schools

Mary Jane Herb, IHM, Lessons from Today’s Classroom
EOY faculty meeting - positives and challenges of working in a Catholic school. Get written faculty feedback.

Values-Based Decision Making Process
Nice summary on p. 6 – Good steps for helping to make a critical decision at SFHS. Worth sharing with teachers re: curriculum development and FPDPs.