Mission and Culture in a Catholic School
Francis receives his mission to preach peace

Resources to examine the mission and culture at SFHS

PowerPoint Slides: Context, Ministry of Catholic Education, Catholic Social Teaching

Mission Statement of SFHS
Review at beginning of year with faculty/staff, review in committee after three years. Teachers might form a lesson related to mission and their classes. Use p. 22 of Architects to guide work on Mission Statement.

Timothy Cook, Charism: A Catholic School’s Mark of Distinction
Periodically brainstorm the charisms of SFHS with faculty. How will the school community emphasize these during the year?

Paul Kelleher & Marya Levenson, Can School Culture Change?
This article helps set up goals for school year. Worth re-reading regularly at it can help change or shift culture in the school.

Amelia Newcomb, John Kotter on Leading System Transformation
Use with SFHS stakeholders to create a process for change.

Catholic Social Teaching Quotes and Summary
Each teacher should have a copy and post it in their classroom. Could do a faculty development on CST.

Evaluation Instrument for Examining a Catholic School in light of CST
Could use in conjunction with a faculty development on CST to evaluate how the principles are implemented at SFHS at the school, classroom, and teacher levels. Worth incorporating into a teacher's yearly goals.

Catholic Core Values
Theological reflections on the core dimensions of any Catholic institution. Good to review with faculty.