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Orientation, Mentoring, and Induction of Teachers

Resources for new teacher orientation, setting up a mentor, and the ongoing induction of new teachers into the faculty at SFHS.

Slides: Teacher Orientation, Mentoring and Induction

Cynthia Carver, A Lifeline for New Teachers
How to set up informal mentoring - this would be good for when an experienced teacher comes to SFHS.

Nancy Protheroe, Retaining Good Teachers
Helping new teachers who feel overwhelmed.

Linda Darling-Hammond, Keeping Good Teachers
How to reduce teacher turnover through intentional support and training for new teachers.

Linda Gilbert, What Helps Beginning Teachers?
Use this article to develop a new teacher induction program at SFHS.

Barbara Davis, Support for New Teachers
This article provides a nice summary of how a mentor can work with a new teacher.

Susan Hanson, Beyond Mentoring
Use this article to develop a mentor program for new teachers at SFHS.

Nathan Eklund, Sustainable Workplaces, Retainable Teachers
How to help teachers through difficult times, stressful situations, and prevent new teacher burnout. Huge!

Sharon Feiman-Nemser, What New Teachers Need to Learn
New teachers are learners too - how to help them rather than just toss them into a classroom.