Technology Plan Goals

Faculty and Staff
  1. The faculty and staff will be polled every few years using an email questionnaire as a method of determining the software and training needed.
  2. We will continue to standardize an up-to-date version of Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite of products.
  3. Training will be available through in-house after school sessions run by the Technology Coordinator, his assistant, faculty/staff professional development days, courses offered though BISSNET, and funds set aside for off-campus training.
  4. We will strive to have a multimedia ceiling mounted projector in every room where it will be regularly utilized by an instructor.
  5. Faculty will have access computing devices including tablet PCs and smart boards in order to accommodate the various learning styles of students, present new experiences to students, expose students to current technology, and as an additional means of accessing students.
  6. Faculty will continue to utilize email and webpages to more effectively communicate with colleagues, students, and parents.
  7. Faculty will have a single software program available that will integrate lesson plans, grade book, and web website content.
  8. A virtual private network connection (VPN) will enable teachers with mobile computing devices to access their documents and data off campus.

  1. A Microsoft Exchange Email server will allow us to create intranet email accounts that allow students to communicate with administration, staff, teachers, and each other, but not be exposed to outside email or SPAM.
  2. The school webpage will offer "cloud computing" for students to save and access files both on-campus and off-campus.

  1. Parents will be able to check the progress of their son's grades online.
  2. Information such as the school calendar, sporting and fine arts events, club meetings, and all types of school functions and general information will be presented on the school website.

Hardware Assessment
  1. The faculty will be polled every three years using an email questionnaire as a method of determining the hardware needs of the faculty.
  2. The Technology Committee which consists of a cross section of teachers, department heads, and teachers will have discussion about the greater general computing needs of the faculty.
  3. Technology committee members will review the technology being used in other schools and initiate discussion amongst the committee if such technologies are needed.
  4. The Technology Coordinator will update the old computer rotation plan for the next five years including mobile computing devices for faculty.
  5. The Technology Coordinator will prepare a hardware/software request form to be used by faculty and staff at SFHS.

Technology Repairs
  1. We will continue the model of Technology Coordinator and his assistant providing in-house service for hardware and software repairs and technical problems.
  2. Warranties and 3rd party service contracts will remain in place for break-fix and software support that is beyond what we can repair in-house.

  1. The network will be upgraded by replacing old and outdated wiring, routers, and switches.
  2. Wireless access points will be created to supply connectivity to support all on-campus needs.
  3. Wireless networking will expand from existing science rooms to encompass the entire campus.
  4. A VPN will allow teachers to work from home as needed.
  5. Network devices and servers will be warranted to ensure a speedy return of services due to any hardware or software failure.
  6. Backup duties will be automated to remove the “human element”, and a plan for offsite storage of backups will be in place.

Security and Monitoring
  1. Security will be in place that ensures the protection of all devices on the network from viruses, spyware, hacking, and other attacks from outside or within our local area network.
  2. Internet filtering will be in place to block student access to a variety of inappropriate websites. The Network Administrator will monitor the activity of the student body and faculty for inappropriate usage of any kind of any networked hardware or software.