Distribution, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Technology Plan

Distribution of Technology Plan

Administration, Faculty, Students, Parents, School Board Members, and the Trinity Community will have access to the Technology Plan through the SFHS website.

Monitoring of Technology Plan
The Technology Committee will meet at least twice a year to review the status of the plan. (Reviews may be conducted on a sub-committee level.)
The Technology Committee will meet in December to plan for the following year’s budget proposal.
The Technology Committee will apprise the School Board members of all changes and progress made in implementing the plan.
The Technology Coordinator will keep an updated inventory, and monitor the hardware, software, and infrastructure and report to the Committee.
The Technology Coordinator will make recommendations for revisions.
The Technology Committee will publish all revisions to the plan available on the school website.

Evaluation of Technology Plan
The Technology Committee will continue to implement local surveys and collect ongoing data to determine if the goals and objectives are being met.
All revisions will be published on the school’s website.