Technology Milestones at SFHS

In 1999, SFHS had 30 IBM-compatible computers for student use in the Schneider Computer Lab. Across the hall was a faculty room with two IBM-compatible computers and two Apple Macintosh clones for teacher use. That factually room became the Technology Coordinator's office, and in the past ten years our school has done well to advance technology hardware, software, and training for students, faculty, and staff.

In 2000, with help from BISSNET, we upgraded the school’s Internet bandwidth, network wiring, and computer grade power. At the same time, we built the Friars’ Hall Computer Lab which houses another 31 IBM-compatible computers.

In the years that followed we have implemented new servers, upgraded the network operating system, put a computer into each classroom, put more computers in the library, upgraded wiring and network hardware with new construction in the Administration wing of Friars’ Hall, renovated the Science Labs, created a new Science Resource Room, and built new classrooms and athletic offices.

Point of Sale hardware in the campus store makes us more efficient and better able to serve students and parents.

The faculty is more computer literate than several years ago. All of our faculty members are proficient with Microsoft Office, use e-mail daily, and maintain teacher webpages to display assignment information for students and parents.

Our school website is undergoing a major overhaul this summer through the use of a local company, SchoolWorld. The enhanced website will take the SFHS online presence into new directions with emerging technologies like text-blasts, online payment systems, and a dynamic "login" content delivery system.

Some existing projects include the ongoing purchase of mobile computing devices for our faculty, mounted projectors in each classroom, and campus-wide wireless networking.

In the near future we hope to embrace student use of mobile computing devices, empower teachers to access more network resources off-campus, and expand our in-house abilities with better network storage servers and an e-mail server.